Price Action Trading Strategies

Cam White | July 21, 2022

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It’s always amazing to learn about the habits of successful traders. From the thousands of traders that I’ve coached over the years, some of these common habits are risk-avoidance, sound money management and the ability to keep emotions in check. But more importantly than having these habits is having the discipline to apply them consistently.

I’ve found that there are many traders who would be considered mediocre for their stock picking skills but have been highly successful because they consistently apply good trade management principles. Conversely, the market is littered with traders who were very good at picking stocks but were not good at consistently applying good trade management skills.

The video here will show you how I use Price Action in my daily trading and, more importantly, why consistency is a key factor in trading success.



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The Most Efficient Way to Find Options Trades

Those who trade options on a whim, with no rules and no plan, will become food for Wall Street, often blowing out their accounts within months. On the other hand, successful traders spend months, and sometimes years, mastering a few strategies before risking a dime in the markets.

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