The 52 Week Pop Strategy

Cam White | May 27, 2022

Learn To Day Trade with the 52 Week Pop Strategy Today I’m going to teach you a great momentum strategy. This is one of the first strategies I teach people who want to learn to day trade Stocks, Futures and Forex markets. One thing I observed over the years is markets tend to get volatile […]

A Simple Low-Risk, High Probability Options Strategy

Cam White | May 27, 2022

Selecting a Low-Risk Entry Point One of the simplest but most effective entry timing indicators are the Keltner Channels which can quickly and easily be downloaded from investing websites such as Steps for down loading the Keltner Channels follow. The Keltner Channels function as an overbought/oversold indicator that can help us select a buy point […]

A Powerful Winning Breakout Pattern – The Volatility Squeeze

Cam White | May 25, 2022

After decades of trading, I saw that there were just a handful of chart patterns that had the highest probability of producing winning trades. Now, as a trader, it can seem overwhelming when you feel like you have to be an expert at recognizing dozens of chart patterns, along with the best security or EFTs, […]

Is it Too Early to Buy the Dip?

Cam White | May 23, 2022

We see the grim news every day – the markets keep falling, and there appears to be no end in sight.  Key drivers to the diving market prices are rising inflation, food and gas prices, supply chain issues, job market participation, the war in Ukraine and ongoing pandemic concerns. And now a baby formula crisis. […]

Moving Average Crossover Tactics

Cam White | May 17, 2022

One of the most fundamental technical analysis tools that traders start off with is the moving average indicator. A few weeks ago I presented a short tutorial on utilizing the moving average indicator for short term trading. I demonstrated the best settings and presented a few demonstrations so that traders could get a good feel […]

Using the Guppy Method to Trade Volatile Markets

Cam White | May 16, 2022

In this video, I am going to show you how to deploy an easy-to-use strategy that works in any market, and in any time frame. In fact, it also works quite well with Options. It is purely based on technical analysis, and not on fundamentals. This strategy is based on the Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA), which […]

How to Turn Every Friday Into a $1,000 Payday by Risking Just $1,500

Cam White | July 26, 2021

The name of this article is How to Turn Every Friday into a $1,000 Payday by Risking Just $1,500, all while having over an 82% to 92% chance of winning. We’re talking about creating a whole bunch of generous paydays on a whole series of Fridays, and I think you’re going to like what you’re going to […]