The Last Great Income Strategy

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March 24, 2016

Roger Scott just had a webinar called the “The Last Great Income Trade,” and if you missed it you missed money making secrets only a few people are privy to.

Today we promise to show you the core of his strategy so that you can profit from Roger’s almost sold out program.

Roger’s goal is to help viewers how to make consistent income from the markets. Whether the market is trending up, down or sideways he wanted to design a system that could profit regardless.

With Wealthpress Income Elite, he did just that and he listed seven reasons why his strategy is worth buying.

1.   Small Account Friendly - $1000 even $200 will be a good start

2.   Large Returns - earn upwards of 100% return on your investment

3.   Totally Hands Off - follow the easy steps to set the trade and watch your investment grow

4.   Easy To Do - easy outlined steps

5.   Risk vs. Reward - the risk and reward are known upfront

6.   Market neutral - this strategy will profit in every market position

7.   Chosen win rate - upfront information

For example, Tesla Inc (TSLA) is trading at/near $290.

If you sell the $292.5 Call Option for $14.90 and you buy the $295 Call Option for $13.73, you would earn $1.17 per share no matter what happens.

That’s $117 per contract, but since you’ve been paid $117, the total risk is just $133. That’s exactly what it costs you to get in the trade.

If TSLA stays under $292.50 a week from now - you’ll make $117. If it closes between $290.00 and $291.17 you’ll at least break even.

If it closes above $292.50 - you’ll lose up to $133.

In risk vs. reward terms - that’s a great deal because. It gives you a chance to earn a 88% return.

Roger’s drive is to make sure that each person that tries his program gains consistent income and financial freedom with massive returns like these.

He’s so confident in his strategy that it comes with a guarantee: If you don’t beat the S&P in the first year then your second year of WealthPress Elite Income will be free.

If you want to earn consistent income with a low risk strategy then this system is for you.

Check Out Roger’s Strategy Here


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